Laboratory Analysis

Relocation, or even routine maintenance, sometimes calls for cleaning of storage areas filled with numerous small quantities of various wastes. The best way to handle the systematic disposal of spent chemicals, expired or out-of-date virgin products, or products that simply are no longer in use is to make sure you know what you have. That’s what we call laboratory analysis.


Hydro-Klean’s trained and experienced personnel will visit your facility, discuss your requirements and provide a quote to meet your disposal needs, including proper identifications, categorization, labeling, packaging, transport and disposal of wasteful materials. One call, one experience, one service provider—that’s the Hydro-Klean difference.


Hydro-Klean segregates waste materials according to chemical compatibility, an important step when it comes to proper labeling and shipping of the waste. We then place all compatible materials in DOT-approved shipping containers, labeled and manifested for transport and disposal. After delivery to the disposal facility, you receive signed manifests for the receipt and disposal of your materials.


The next time you wonder, “What am I going to do with this and how much is it going to cost?” call Hydro-Klean to discuss what we can do to meet your disposal needs.