Structure Rehab

Bench & Invert Repair

Over time, corrosive environments can wreak havoc on manhole benches and inverts. Our team is equipped with the tools and high strength specialty concrete materials to repair and/or replace benches and inverts and reestablish smooth flow lines.


Manhole repair is all about sealing cracks in the benches or inverts. To do this, Hydro-Klean sleeves a structural insert into an existing manhole. This cost-effective method is also preventative, as the sleeve provides a longer-lasting product.


We’re committed to working smart. That’s why we have researched and utilized a wide range of products in order to find the perfect solutions for our customers. The products we use have been tested and proven. But products are only a part of the Hydro-Klean way. We continually train and educate our technicians in the latest techniques and provide them with the best equipment in the industry.