Structure Rehab

Bench & Invert Repair

Time and corrosive environments can wreak havoc on manhole benches and inverts. Our team is equipped with the tools and high strength specialty concrete materials to repair and/or replace benches and inverts to reestablish smooth flow lines from inlet piping to outlet piping for the proper conveyance of sewage.


Manhole repair includes restoration of the benches and inverts. To do this, Hydro-Klean installs preformed fiberglass sleeves where defined flow channels are nonexistent. This cost-effective method is an efficient and longer-lasting product.


We’re committed to working smart. That’s why we have researched and utilized a wide range of products to find the perfect solutions for our customers. The products we use have been selected only after being tested and proven. But products are only a part of the Hydro-Klean way. We continually train and educate our technicians in the latest methods & techniques and provide them with the best tools and equipment in the industry.