Structure Rehab


The Hydro-Klean Monoform service provides a structural replacement alternative to conventional dig and replace for failing manholes. With only minimal surface disruption, the Hydro-Klean team provides you with a new monolithic structure with up to 4” thick walls. We can also repair and/or replace the bench and invert and install new adjustment rings and casting.


Monoforming repairs structure damage and deteriorations in standard concentric manholes as well as eccentric cone sections. Monoforming fits any size structure and Hydro-Klean is always up for a custom challenge. Concrete additives are available to minimize the corrosive effects of hydrogen sulfide on the newly poured Monoform structure.

Monoforming solves all kinds of problems by being quick and noninvasive. Hydro-Klean’s system prevents headaches such as:

  • Traffic tie-ups and detours
  • Disruption of service to the community
  • Disruption of other utilities in the path of excavation
  • Street restoration costs & problems with poor compaction
  • Noise and the dragging of dirt into businesses and homes